**I am currently swamped with request, tours and things going on on my blog so I’m currently not receiving any request :(**

I am not a professional reader and I review based on how I felt while reading. I take into account the writing, story, character, and genre when rating a book. I aim to be completely honest in my reviews and as entertaining as possible.

Most of what I read has romance so please don’t send me a request of your book doesn’t contain any romance.
Some of my favorite genres include:
∙Dark & Disturbing
∙Young Adult
∙New Adult

However, I’m fairly open-minded and if it sounds good I’m willing to give it a shot. I accept digital copies (epub,pdf, and mobi files) and I’m available on NetGalley.

If you’re interested in having me review your book, please send me an email with the following:
∙Book details/ things I am likely to encounter (m/m, ménage, HEA, cliffhanger, cheating, love triangle, stand-alone or series, length, and anything else you may want to include)
This gives me a feel for the story and how likely I am to like/review it.

My review will be posted on:
∙My blog

I am also available to do any cover reveals, teasers, interviews, or blog tours.

If interested fill out the request form below!

Thank you very much!


2 thoughts on “Requests

  1. Hi, Destini!
    Just saw your review of Dark Night of the Soul. I’m already a fan of that terrific story so I’m thrilled to see such a delightful review of it. But I also just have to take my proverbial hat off & sweep you a bow for the sheer, AMAZING creativity you put into it. WOW!

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