The Beautiful Blogger Award

I want to thank Yazmin from The Reading Girl for nominating me for The Beautiful Blogger Award. It’s really touching, especially coming from someone who runs such an amazing blog. Her posts are always a pleasure to read and always creative. I highly recommend checking her blog out!

The Beautiful Blogger Award is an honor bestowed by fellow bloggers to show how much they love reading your blog and appreciate the beauty in your words.




The Rules:


1. Copy the Beautiful Blogger Award logo.

2. Thank the person who nominated you and create a link back.

3. Nominate 7 (yes only seven) other bloggers and say a little something about them.


My Nominees:


Imaginative Minds– LOVE this blog. Patty has done an amazing job and I love seeing the new things she’s added to her blog & posts!

Book Worms to the Max– Eileen is one of my favorite reviewers that I follow here on WordPress and she participates in memes that I really enjoy reading about.

Good Books and Good Coffee– This is one of the first blogs I followed and I still enjoy reading her reviews and recommendations.

Blimey I Fancy Reading– how can I not love her blog with all the eye-candy gracing the page? 😉
Daisy writes really beautiful and descriptive reviews with lots of awesome images!

Smitten’s Book Blog– Smitten writes fabulous reviews with some of the best character castings I’ve ever seen.

Lilajune’s Book Saloon– Her reviews always leave me smiling! Wonderful writing with great humor 🙂

The Book Gobbler– This blog has very creative and interesting book reviews. It’s opened my eyes to stories I would have never considered picking up on my own.

These are all wonderful blogs that I recommend checking out!


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