Book Review- Home World by Bonnie Milani

Now this isn’t my usual read but,

that was good!

There was nothing for him on Earth: no hope, no freedom…

Home World is a love story set within a thrilling world of interstellar political intrigue. Centuries ago, the combat-engineered humans called Lupans very nearly destroyed Earth. What they left of Earth – Home World to the star-flung Commonwealth she founded – is now little more than a dusty tourist world ruled by the Great Family Van Buren.

Strolling the ruins of once-beautiful Waikiki, Jezekiah Van Buren dreams of making his one fantasy come true: to escape the Ring that condemns him to be the next Lord High Protector of Earth – Home World to the other worlds of the human Commonwealth. All he wants is the freedom to be his own man, to know real friendship; to build a life with a woman who loves him rather than the political advantage he represents. Never one to shy away from action, Jezekiah embarks on an adventure that could end life not just on Earth, but on all the worlds of the Commonwealth.

Ingenious even by the standards of the genetically enhanced Great Family Van Buren, Jezekiah was bred for politics and trained to rule. Now he has the achieved the impossible: he has arranged a treaty that will convert Earth’s ancient enemies, the Lupans, to her most powerful allies. The treaty will make Earth rich again. Restore her to her old glory. Make her once again the dominant power in the Commonwealth she founded. What matters to Jezekiah, though, is that the treaty lets him escape the Ring. It sets him free to pursue his most thrilling discovery of all: the only woman he’s ever found who sees him just for himself: the young Samurai-trained woman named Keiko Yakamoto.

To pull the treaty off, Jezekiah only has to convince his little sister Letticia to accept the hand of Strongarm, the Lupan’s alpha warlord, in marriage. Trouble is, Letticia hates Lupans. She also hates Jezekiah. A brilliant tech-master, Letticia’s brilliantly virulent response to Strongarm’s proposal threatens not just the treaty, but the existence of life on Earth itself.

Somehow, Jezekiah has to win Letticia over before she manages to trigger another devastating Lupan-Commonwealth war. Before, too, the assassin she’s put on his tail succeeds in killing him. Or the interstellar crime ring called Ho Tong succeeds in raising another rebellion. Or before his ruling relatives on competing worlds manage to execute him for treason.

But Jezekiah’s not the only man with a life-or-death stake in the treaty. The Lupan warlord Strongarm has goals of his own. When he turns up on Earth unannounced, he touches off suspicions and recriminations that sends bloody red echoes across the vast reaches of space. For that, Jezekiah was ready. Only a greater danger, one that touches Jezekiah’s heart, looms once Strongarm meets Keiko Yakamoto. Even Jezekiah never imagined that Strongarm would desire the same fiery-spirited woman he wanted for himself. Now, suddenly, these two most powerful men find themselves in a competition that jeopardizes everything they’ve staked their lives – and the lives of their worlds – on: the love of a woman who just may be the most deadly assassin of them all.

Whether you enjoy science fiction romance, adventure, or just a good old space opera, Home World offers a rollicking, action-packed epic with a sizeable dose of humor. (from Goodreads)

I really couldn’t have come up with a better description myself. The one above says it all. Like I said before, this isn’t a book I would have usually picked up, but I’m glad I did. It was action-packed, full of turns, and romance (something I wouldn’t have been able to live without).
Whatever Bonnie set out to do, she was able to do it… the science-fiction aspect of the story was awesome and never lagged, the romance had me smiling like an idiot and the story was beautifully written.
The descriptions, detail, and attention that was put into the book was what really had me captivated. The story was organic and the characters were real.

Fans of science-fiction, this one is definitely for you.

Rating: ★★★★

*A copy of this book was kindly provided by the author in exchange for a honest review*


Book & Author Details

Book Description: Centuries of ruinous war have left Earth little more than a dusty tourist world within the star-flung Commonwealth she founded. Now, amid the ruins of a post-apocalyptic Hawaii, Jezekiah Van Buren has found a way to restore Earth – Home World to the other worlds of the Commonwealth – to her lost glory.
The most ingenious prince even the genetically-enhanced, Great Family Van Buren has ever produced, Jezekiah has achieved the impossible: he has arranged a treaty that will convert Earth’s ancient enemies, the Lupans, to her most powerful allies. Once he has the treaty sealed, it will not only make Earth rich again, but it will grant him the chance to escape the Ring that marks him as Earth’s next ruler. Once the treaty is signed, he will be free: free to create his own future, and free to marry Keiko Yakamoto, the warrior-trained woman he loves. His future and Earth’s is assured. Assuming he can convince his xenophobic sister to accept the Lupan’s alpha warlord in marriage before the assassin she’s put on his tail succeeds in killing him. Assuming he can thwart another deadly uprising by the interstellar criminal organization called Ho Tong. And before his ruling relatives on competing worlds manage to execute him for treason.
Jezekiah manages to stay one step ahead of his foes, until his Lupan warlord-partner reaches Earth. And these two most powerful men suddenly find themselves in love with the same woman. A woman who just may be the most deadly assassin of them all.



About the author: I was maybe seven years old when I decided I could out-write the competition. I was reading a grade school biography of Sir William Harvey, the 17th century English physician credited (in the West) with discovering how blood circulates. After about 30 pages of muttering “I can write better than that!” I grabbed a crayon that just happened to be blue and started editing. Unfortunately for my juvenile bottom it was a library book.
The paddling I got for that one, didn’t stop me from telling stories, though: I just switched to improvising story lines to cover our neighborhood games of hide’n go seek or tag – a habit which taught me, sometimes painfully, that every kid is an actor and every actor wants to be the bloody star. Maybe that’s why I never wanted to write screenplays!
All through college and grad school, I freelanced feature articles for newspapers along the East Coast. I even wrote a cover story for Science Digest! (I’m not admitting to how far back that was!) Only once I married, life and making a living caught up with me. I put writing away with the rest of my youthful dreams and focused on the career track. It wasn’t till I lost my entire family that I realized I HAD to go back to story telling; writing wasn’t just a want but a need – a gift God gave me to use. So here I am now, a middle-aged pudge, doing my best to put the gift to work and work on getting back into a writer’s life!

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10 thoughts on “Book Review- Home World by Bonnie Milani

  1. Oh. My. GAWD!!!!! Absolutely the most fantastically creative, AMAZING review anyone could ever do. You are just AWESOME, my dear! Viz fat old woman on knees doing VERY sincere and enthusiastic kow-tow!

  2. I love this book and this writer. Wait’ll you read what’s coming next. Raymond Chandler meets Indiana Jones in outer space.

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