Book Review- Sugar Man’s Daughter by Lucy Crowe

Sugar Man’s Daughter

by Lucy Crowe

Peace is a long time coming.

What a story! Sugar Man’s Daughter was a tough, raw, but very enjoyable read.

“You’ve got to let him go, honey.”
“I can’t. It hurts too much.”

Nicola writes letters to her dead father. She makes her home lakeside in an ancient house where all the candles in the world can’t push back the night. Her father remains as brilliant and violent in death as he was in life.
Running from a possessive ex-fiancé and in denial over an untimely miscarriage, Nicola is discovering that the people closest to her are also those who wield the most damaging weapons. John Santangelo may be using her as a means to an end even while he is falling in love with her, and trust is a moot point with her new acquaintance, the little half-witch child, Benny Jones.
‘Sugar Man’s Daughter’ is a literary work that offers an unabashed exploration of blind love’s aftermath, exposing the darker side of human nature even while celebrating the resiliency of the human spirit. (from Goodreads)

Oh, how my heart went out to Nicola! This girl had been through a lot. I could practically felt the pain radiating off the pages. She caries the sadness of her father dying and the guilt of miscarrying her child. I would never want to trade places with her and all I wanted to do was wrap her in my arms.
Despite all these obstacles, however, she was very strong. On the outside it doesn’t seem like it but just the fact that she’s able to wake up everyday is proof enough of her strength.

As for Tony, her ex-finacé, I only have one thing to say to you:

Lucy Crowe has a unique writing style that’s laid-back but allows you to truly connect with the characters. It allowed me to really get into the book and immerse myself in the story.
I’d recommend Sugar Man’s Daughter to anybody interested in an emotional, raw, and wonderful read!

Rating: ★★★★

*A copy of this book was kindly provided by the author in exchange for a honest review*


Book & Author Details

About the author: Lucy Crowe divides her time amongst her main loves – family, firefighting and fitting words to life – and occasionally she is astounded by the blending of all three. Her rural home, shared by husband and children, is close enough to Chicago to catch the bright lights, and far enough away to see the stars. Several of her short stories have enjoyed publication under the name C.E. Jones. “Sugar Man’s Daughter” is her first novel.

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